§ 21-153. Deposit required.  

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  • (a) Deposits are required to cover two (2) months of charges for service at eight thousand (8,000) gallons for residential use, eight thousand (8,000) gallons per ERU for irrigation use, eight thousand (8,000) gallons per unit for Multi-Family use and four thousand (4,000) gallons per ERU for commercial use.

    (b) If any account becomes delinquent and remains delinquent as outlined in section 21-154(e) for the second time in a twelve-month period, an additional deposit shall be required to bring the total on deposit equal to twice the amount of the deposit normally required.

    (c) Interest on customer deposits shall be paid annually beginning with the first billing which follows January 1, 1997, and the first interest paid on customer deposits shall be calculated from January 1, 1996 through December 31, 1996. Interest shall be paid in the form of a credit applied to the customer's bill at the rate earned during the month when the interest credit is applied. Payment of interest on a new deposit shall be calculated on a pro-rated basis.

    (d) Upon receipt of a request for refund of deposit, the city shall refund a customer s deposit after three (3) years of continuous service without a delinquent payment or dishonored check. A refund of deposit shall occur only after the monies have been applied to any outstanding balances in closed accounts previously held by that same customer. If the customer's service is disconnected for delinquent payment or dishonored check after a deposit has been refunded, a new deposit shall be required before service is reconnected. Payment of interest on the deposit to be refunded shall be calculated on a pro-rated basis and added to the amount to be refunded.

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Formerly § 21-113.