§ 20-41. All-terrain vehicles.  

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  • (a) Definition. All-terrain vehicle means any motorized off-highway vehicle fifty (50) inches or less in width, having a dry weight of nine hundred (900) pounds or less, designed to travel on three (3) or more low-pressure tires, having a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and handlebars for steering control, and intended for use by a single operator with no passenger. For the purposes of this section, all-terrain vehicle also includes any two-passenger all-terrain vehicle.

    (b) Prohibition. Except as provided in this section, it is unlawful to operate an all-terrain vehicle upon the public rights-of-way, roads, highways, streets, sidewalks, trails, parks and parkways of the city. The provisions of this section shall not apply to an all-terrain vehicle having four (4) wheels operated by law enforcement officers while in the course and scope of their duties.

(Ord. No. 2006-51, § 1, 12-28-06)