§ 20-25. Damage to sidewalks, to trails, to the historic downtown marketplace, and to the prohibited park or parkways.

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  • Any person driving, moving, operating, or parking any commercial motor vehicle, farm tractor, implement of husbandry, moped, motorized scooter, motor vehicle, motorcycle, road tractor, semitrailer, special mobile equipment, trailer, truck, truck tractor, or vehicle upon any sidewalk, trail, the historic downtown marketplace, or prohibited park or parkway shall be liable for all damages and costs incurred by the city which may occur as a result of driving, moving operating, or parking such vehicle. Whenever the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, then the owner and the driver shall be jointly and severally liable for any damage. The city is authorized to pursue and shall pursue all legal means to collect monies due for damages.

(Ord. No. 2005-21, § 1, 6-21-05)