§ 2-72. Governing body as the community redevelopment agency board of commissioners.  

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  • (a) The city commission shall serve as the CRA board and shall exercise all rights, powers, duties, privileges, and immunities vested in a community redevelopment agency by Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes, as it may be amended from time to time.

    (b) In its capacity as CRA board, the commission constitutes the head of a legal entity that is separate, distinct and independent from the city commission as governing body of the City of Lake Wales.

    (c) The CRA board shall annually designate a chairperson and vice-chairperson from among its members.

    (d) The CRA board shall meet as necessary to conduct the business and exercise the powers of the agency.

    (e) A majority of the members of the CRA Board shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting business and exercising the powers of the agency and for all other purposes. Action may be taken by the CRA Board upon the vote of a majority of the members present.

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State law reference

Downtown development boards may be designated the community redevelopment agency, F.S. § 163.357(2).