§ 2-644. Grave decorations.  

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  • (a) Grave decorations of any kind will be removed when they violate cemetery rules and regulations. Prior to removal, notice of violation shall be provided as specified in section 2-645 unless otherwise specified in this section.

    (b) Special decorations placed on a grave site on special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Christmas, Easter or other dates of religious or cultural significance, may be placed no more than seven (7) calendar days before the holiday or special date and shall be removed within seven (7) calendar days after the holiday or special date. Decorations not removed within the specified time shall be removed by cemetery personnel without the need for notice but shall be stored in accordance with procedures specified in subsection 2-645(b) except that perishable items shall be discarded.

    (c) The following shall not be allowed upon grave sites and, if so placed, shall be removed at no risk to the city after notice as specified in section 2-645

    (1) Toys, dolls, stuffed animals or similar articles;

    (2) Shells, rocks, stones or pebbles;

    (3) Glass, ceramic or plastic objects;

    (4) Metal designs, frames, or hangars except as allowed on a temporary basis in accordance with paragraph 6-242(e);

    (5) Chairs, settees, benches or tables;

    (6) Wood or metal boxes or cases;

    (7) Lights, with the following exceptions:

    a. A single solar-powered light may be flush-mounted on each side of the headstone provided that the solar-powered light is of a style and material specified by the city; an example of such acceptable solar-powered light shall be displayed in the cemetery office; and

    b. Up to two (2) battery-powered or solar-powered candles may be placed on a grave site at Christmas and other dates of religious significance;

    (8) Inflatable items, with the exception that up to one (1) balloon no larger than fourteen (14) inches in diameter may be placed on a grave site on special dates;

    (9) Figurines or statuettes, with the exception that up to one (1) figurine or statuette of a religious subject (e.g., angel, saint, or the like) may be placed on a grave site on special dates provided it is placed upon a headstone or grave maker, is no more than twelve (12) inches in height, and is made of natural stone or cast concrete;

    (10) An ornament or item of any type that:

    a. Interferes with the maintenance of the cemetery; or

    b. Presents a potential safety hazard to cemetery staff and the public; or

    c. Offends or insults any segment of the population that resides in the community; or

    d. Disrespects the hallowed ground of the cemetery; or

    e. Disrupts the good order of the cemetery.

    (d) Flags may be placed on the grave site of a veteran in accordance with the following rules:

    (1) Up to one (1) American flag no larger than thirteen by eight inches (13″ × 8″) may be placed on a grave site on Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day;

    (2) Any flag remaining on a grave site after seven (7) days shall be removed by cemetery staff without the need for notice; flags so removed shall be delivered to the local chapter of the VFW for re-use or, if faded or damaged, shall be destroyed in a dignified manner in accordance with Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8, U.S. Code ("Respect for the Flag").

    (3) A length of one-quarter-inch (¼″) PVC extending no higher than six inches (6″) above the ground may be installed as a permanent receptacle for flags to be placed on dates that honor veterans.

    (4) Small American flags no larger than six inches by four inches may (6″ × 4″) be incorporated into floral arrangements at all times during the year.

    (e) All decorations shall be placed on a grave site at the owner's risk, and the city shall not be responsible for the loss of any decorations by any cause whatsoever.

(Ord. No. 2009-32, § 1, 12-15-09; Ord. No. 2010-04, § 1, 3-16-10)