§ 2-458. Additional requirements for procurement of construction services for public property and publicly owned buildings.

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  • In addition to all other requirements of this article pertaining to procurement of commodities and services and in accordance with F.S. ch. 255, the following requirements shall apply to procurement of construction services for public property and publicly owned buildings as defined in section 2-455:

    (1) Preference to home industries. In accordance with F.S. § 255.041, the city shall give preference in the purchase of material and in letting contracts for the construction of public buildings to materialmen, contractors, builders, architects, and laborers who reside within the state, whenever such material can be purchased or the services of such materialmen, contractors, builders, architects, and laborers can be employed at no greater expense than that which would exist if such purchase was made from, or contract let or employment given to, a person residing beyond the limits of the state. However, this section in no way prohibits the right of the city to compare the quality of materials proposed for purchase and to compare the qualifications, character, responsibility, and fitness of materialmen, contractors, builders, architects, and laborers proposed for employment in its consideration of the purchase of materials or employment of persons.

    (2) Sole source. Notwithstanding the foregoing preference to home industries, when letting of contracts or purchasing materials for the construction, modification, alteration or repair of any publicly owned facility, the city may not specify the use of materials or systems by a sole source unless:

    a. The city commission, after consideration of all available alternative materials and systems, determines that the specification of a sole material or system is justifiable based upon its cost or interchangeability;

    b. The sole source specification has been recommended by the architect or engineer of record; and

    c. The consideration by, and the justifications of, the city commission are documented, in writing, in the project file.

    (3) Separate specifications for building contracts.

    a. When preparing specifications, awarding or entering into contract for the erection, construction, or altering of publicly owned buildings where the entire cost of such work shall exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), separate specifications may be prepared for each of the following classes of work to be performed:

    1. Heating and ventilating and accessories.

    2. Plumbing and gas fitting and accessories.

    3. Electrical installations.

    4. Air conditioning and accessories.

    b. All such specifications may be drawn so as to permit separate and independent bidding upon each of the classes of work enumerated above. All contracts for the erection, construction or alteration of buildings, or any part thereof, may be awarded separately to responsible and reliable persons, firms or corporations regularly engaged in their respective line of work; provided, however, that all or any part of the work specified in the above classes may be awarded to the same contractor.

    (4) Shelter in public buildings. F.S. § 255.042, requires that consideration be given to providing floor area capable of sheltering one hundred (100) or more persons from radiation hazards in the event of nuclear attack when preparing plans and specifications for new public buildings or substantial renovations to existing buildings. Accordingly, the architect, architect-engineer firm or other person or persons involved in the design of such buildings or substantial renovations shall refer to F.S. § 255.042, for guidance in preparing plans and specifications. It shall be the responsibility of the city commission to determine whether cost, or other related factors, precludes or makes impracticable the incorporation of fallout shelter in public buildings.

    (5) Specification of Florida produced lumber. In accordance with F.S. § 255.20, contracts for public works and contracts for the construction of public bridges, buildings and other structures shall always specify lumber, timber and other forest products produced and manufactured in Florida whenever such products are available—price, fitness and quality being equal. This requirement shall not apply when plywood is specified for monolithic concrete forms, when the structural or service requirements for timber in a particular job cannot be supplied by native species, or when construction is financed in whole or in part from federal funds with the requirements that there be no restrictions as to species or place of manufacture.

    (6) Special facilities for physically disabled. In accordance with F.S. § 255.21, any building or facility intended for use by the general public which, in whole or in part, is constructed or altered by the city shall, with respect to the altered or newly constructed portion of such building or facility comply with standards and specifications established by F.S. § 553.48.

    (7) Construction management services. The city may enter into a contract with the state division of building construction, to provide project management, administration services, or assistance for the construction, renovation, repair, modification, or demolition of city buildings, utilities, parks, parking lots, or other facilities or improvements. The contract shall provide for payment of fees to the division.

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