§ 2-442. Definitions.  

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  • The following terms, when used in this division, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this section:

    Design-build contract. A single contract with a design-build firm for the design and construction of a public construction project.

    Design-build firm. A partnership, corporation, or other legal entity which:

    (1) Is certified under F.S. § 489.119, to engage in contracting through a certified or registered general contractor or a certified or registered building contractor as the qualifying agent; or

    (2) Is certified under F.S. § 471.023, to practice or to offer to practice engineering; certified under F.S. § 481.219, to practice or to offer to practice architecture; or certified under F.S. § 481.319, to practice or offer to practice landscape architecture.

    Design criteria package. Concise, performance-oriented drawings or specifications of the public construction project. The purpose of the design criteria package is to furnish sufficient information to permit design-build firms to prepare a bid or response to the city's request for proposal, or to permit the city to enter into a negotiated design-build contract.

    Design criteria professional. A firm holding a current certificate of registration under F.S. ch. 481, to practice architecture or landscape architecture or a firm holding a current certificate as a registered engineer under F.S. ch. 471, to practice engineering and which is employed by or under contract to the city for the providing of professional architect services, landscape architect services, or engineering services in connection with the preparation of the design criteria package.

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