§ 2-230.17. Employee recognition program.*  

Effective on Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • (a) The purpose of the employee recognition program is to recognize and officially reward outstanding employee performance and contributions to the city. This recognition program is to allow directors and department heads to encourage and acknowledge excellence in city service. An award may be given to an individual or team in recognition of measurable accomplishments significant to the city's mission or goals. Examples of accomplishments that may be recognized include but are not limited to the following:

    (1) Suggestions that eliminate waste or result in verifiable cost savings.

    (2) Innovative solutions to a difficult or challenging task that merits recognition.

    (3) Team work and enthusiasm in accomplishing significant or unusually difficult assignments.

    (4) Consistently producing high quality work.(5) Suggestions or procedures for eliminating accidents that are adopted and implemented.

    (6) Suggestions or procedures to improve service or operations that are adopted and implemented.

    (7) One-time achievement of measurable significance.

    (8) Outstanding customer service.

    a. Each director and department head is delegated the responsibility of recognizing employees in their respective department.

    b. Awards and recognition will be provided in the form of a non-cash recognition and will be submitted on HR Form (008) for final approval by the city manager.

    c. Examples of non-cash awards include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Certificates of recognition signed by the city manager.

    2. Gift certificates to local restaurants.

    3. T-shirts.

    4. Mugs.

    5. Movie tickets.

    6. Plaques.

    d. The human resources department will coordinate the employee recognition program to include preparation and/or purchase of awards.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01; Ord. No. 2019-06, § 1, 4-3-19, Transferred from 2-230.13)