§ 2-230.16. Take home vehicles  

Effective on Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • (a) Some city employees have city vehicles at their disposal so they may carry out their duties properly. Because city vehicles are distinctly marked, the way they are operated has a direct impact on the public image of the city. Employees operating city vehicles will adhere to the following rules:

    (1) Operator will possess a valid Florida driver's license.

    (2) All vehicular safety laws will be observed.

    (3) Safety belts will be used at all times when the vehicle is in operation.

    (4) In the event that a city vehicle is involved in an accident, the employee will notify the appropriate law enforcement agency and the employee's immediate supervisor.

    (5) City vehicles will be used for official business only; they will not be used for pleasure or personal business under any circumstances.

    (6) Any employee who abuses a city vehicle in any manner will be subject to disciplinary action including possible payment for the deductible portion of damages to the vehicle.

    (b) Overnight use of a city vehicle will require the written recommendation of the department head and the approval of the city manager before a vehicle is driven home. Such use will be authorized only under the following conditions:

    (1) The employee is a division or department head whose regular duties require frequent use of a vehicle overnight.

    (2) The employee holds a position with duties and responsibilities involving emergency services or involving on-call or standby status.

    (c) In addition to the rules for operating a city vehicle, employees who are assigned overnight use of city vehicles will adhere to the following rules:

    (1) Off-street parking will be provided when the vehicle is parked at the employee's residence.

    (2) Under no circumstances will the vehicle be used for transporting members of the employee's family or for anything pertaining to personal business or pleasure.

    (3) The vehicle will be turned in to the employee's department when, for any reason, the employee is absent for more than two (2) days. In case of illness or inability to turn the vehicle in, the division or department head will be notified immediately.

    (4) The employee will be responsible for having the vehicle maintained in clean condition.

    (d) Vehicle assignments may change from time to time, and each vehicle will be available for other purposes when not being used by the employee to whom it is normally assigned.

    (e) All vehicles which are not to be driven home by employees will remain parked overnight at the municipal center, water department, etc.

    (f) In accordance with the requirements of the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984, income related to use of city vehicles on an overnight basis will be reported for any employee so assigned with the exceptions noted below:

    (1) The vehicle is a clearly marked police vehicle.

    (2) The vehicle is a qualified specialized utility repair truck. The term "qualified specialized utility repair truck" means a truck (not including a van or pickup truck) specifically designed and used to carry heavy tools, testing equipment or parts where:

    (1) the shelves, racks, or other permanent interior construction which has been installed to carry and store such heavy items is such that it is unlikely that the truck will be used more than a very minimal amount for personal purposes; and,

    (2) the employer requires the employee to drive the truck home in order to be able to respond in emergency situations for purposes of restoring or maintaining water or sewer utility purposes.

    (3) Other exceptions as set forth in IRS rules/guideline.

    g) Income reported will be directly based on actual round trip mileage from workplace to home at the standard rate set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All employees assigned a city vehicle for overnight use will certify mileage on Form No. 0202 and forward the form to the finance department. Form No. 0202 may be obtained from the human resources department.

    (h) It is the department head's responsibility to notify the finance department when overnight city vehicle assignments are made or changed.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01,Ord. No. 2019-06, § 1, 4-3-19, Transferred from 2-230.12)