§ 2-229.09. Employee assistance program.  

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  • (a) The city has an employee assistance program (EAP) with one (1) of its missions being to assist employees who voluntarily report drug or alcohol related problems, which have not yet adversely affected their job or city operations. Additionally, the city may require any employee in violation of this policy, whether he voluntarily reports his problem or not, to participate in the EAP or other medical and rehabilitative assistance programs as a condition for continued employment. For further information regarding the EAP, contact human resources.

    (1) Employees who voluntarily ask for help. Employees with drug or alcohol related problems who wish assistance through the EAP may contact the EAP. If the employee has a satisfactory performance record, the city may grant the employee an unpaid leave of absence for a period determined by the city to participate in a city-approved treatment or rehabilitative program. This employee will be responsible for all expenses resulting from the treatment or program to the extent they are not covered by insurance.

    (2) Other employees. In the event the city discovers a violation of this drug or alcohol policy, or if the city otherwise discovers an alcohol-related problem that adversely affects or may adversely affect the employee's performance or the city's business, the city at its option consistent with applicable law, may proceed to discipline the employee up to and including discharge, or at the city's option, require the employee to undergo approved medical or rehabilitative assistance. The employee will be responsible for all expenses resulting from the treatment or rehabilitation to the extent they are not covered by insurance. In the event the city requires the employee to participate in the employee assistance program, the EAP provider will keep the city fully advised with respect to the employee's participation and medical condition.

    (3) Return to work. Employees who are granted a leave of absence under paragraph (1) and (2) above must successfully complete all EAP, medical and other rehabilitative requirements established by the city for them within a reasonable amount of time, in order to be considered for return to work.

    (4) Retesting. Employees allowed to return to work under paragraph (3) shall be subject to retesting any time without notice and must submit to such test as and when directed by the city.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)