§ 2-222.03. Examples of prohibited sexually related conduct.  

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  • The city considers the following conduct to be examples of conduct, which violates its prohibition of sexual harassment.

    (1) Unwelcome physical assaults or touching of a sexual nature, including:

    a. Rape, sexual battery, molestation, or attempts to commit such acts.

    b. Intentional physical contact which is sexual in nature such as touching, pinching, patting, grabbing, rubbing, hugging, or poking another employee's body.

    (2) Unwelcome sexual advances, propositions, and other sexual comments, such as sexually oriented gestures, noises, remarks, jokes, or comments about a person's sexuality or sexual experience directed at or made in the presence of an employee who has indicated in any way that such conduct in his or her presence is unwelcome.

    (3) Job actions related to sexual matters such as:

    a. Preferential treatment for submitting to sexual activity, including soliciting or attempting to solicit an employee to engage in sexual activity for compensation or reward.

    b. Threatening to, or actually making an employee's job more difficult, or taking away any benefit or privilege to entice an employee to submit sexually.

    (4) Display of sexually related material, such as:

    a. Pictures, posters, calendars, graffiti, objects, promotional material, reading or other material of a sexually suggestive or sexually demeaning nature is not permitted in the workplace.

    b. Reading or otherwise publicizing in the work environment materials that are sexually revealing, pornographic, or sexually demeaning.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)