§ 2-203.11. General prohibitions.  

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  • (a) Employees are expected to be aware that they are public service employees and to conduct themselves in a manner which will in no way discredit the city, public officials, fellow employees or themselves.

    (b) Employees shall avoid conduct or speech that is inconsistent with good order and discipline. They shall treat each other with the utmost courtesy and respect, and at all times refrain from making any derogatory remarks concerning each other. They shall direct and coordinate their efforts toward establishing and maintaining the highest level of efficiency, morale and achievement, and shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to bring about harmony among the various units of the city.

    (c) No employee whose duties involve the use of a badge, card or clothing insignia as evidence of authority or for identification shall permit such badges, cards or insignia to be used or worn by anyone who is not authorized to use or wear them. Such badges, cards and insignia shall be used only in the performance of the official duties of the position to which they are related.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)