§ 2-203.04. Employment of relatives.  

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  • The city does not automatically prohibit members of the same family from working for the city. Each situation involving employment of a relative must be reviewed on its own individual merits. As a general guideline, however, employees should know that the city will not allow the employment of relatives in any situation where a conflict of interest exists or where there is a substantial likelihood that a conflict of interest will arise. Employees' relatives will not be employed by the city under any of the following circumstances:

    (1) Where a relative directly supervise, evaluate, appoint, discharge or discipline the other.

    (2) Where one of the parties is a department head.

    (3) Where the parties authorizes payroll actions of the other.

    (4) Where one of the parties has possession of confidential information about the other.

    It is the obligation of all affected employees to immediately advise their department head if a change in his situation occurs or is anticipated that will result in his becoming related to another employee so the effect, if any, of the relationship on city operations may be fully explored and appropriate action taken.

    "Relatives" include an employee's parent, child, spouse, brother, sister, in-laws, step relationships and employees in a relationship and sharing living quarters.

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