§ 2-201.02. Positions covered.  

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  • (a) Unless a specific section or subsection provides otherwise, the provisions of these rules shall be applicable to all employees except:

    (1) Elected officials.

    (2) Persons hired as independent contractors on a contractual, fee, or retainer basis.

    (3) Temporary, non-regular part-time, or casual employees.

    (4) Persons employed under the provisions of government programs or grants.

    (b) Provided, however, the sections or subsections with an asterisk (*) beside them apply to all employees.

    (c) For persons and employees covered by these rules, continued employment, discipline and position placement shall be at the will and pleasure of the city under such terms and conditions as are determined by the city, or its designee.

    (d) Employees who serve as division directors, department heads or in higher level positions:

    (1) Shall be supervised and evaluated by the city manager or his designee, and shall serve in their capacity and as city employees at his pleasure.

    (2) Shall not have access to sections 2-212 or 2-213 but shall present their grievances directly to the city manager who shall resolve same as he deems in the best interest of city operations.

    (e) The final interpretation and application of the PAP shall be made by the City of Lake Wales (hereinafter "city"), or its designee. The city reserves the right to amend, alter, modify, delete and add to the PAP as it deems appropriate to serve the best interest of the residents and citizens of the city.

(Ord. No. 2001-08, § 1, 6-19-01)