§ 18-103. Permit fees for reserved use.  

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  • (a) The city is authorized to establish fees for reserved use of park, recreation and community facilities and to offset the cost to the public for additional services provided by the city in connection with such use. Such fees are established in section 18-182 of this article and may be amended by ordinance from time to time.

    (b) A fee will not be charged for use of a facility for city sponsored or co-sponsored programs or events.

    (c) A reservation fee shall be charged at the time the facility or park is reserved that will roll over into a damage deposit at the event and be refunded if there is no damage and the facility or park has been satisfactorily cleaned up after its use. The balance of the fee must be paid prior to use of the park or facility in accordance with requirements of the applicable section of this ordinance.

    (1) Use of the Northwest Complex outside of normal operating hours for each rental shall require the presence of at least one (1) city employee to open and close the facility and activate overhead lighting. The cost of the employee shall be paid by the person or group reserving the facility and the hourly rate to be charged shall be calculated as follows: the employee's current hourly rate multiplied by 1.5 (time-and-one-half) plus the cost of the city's FICA and pension contribution.

    (2) If the rental of the Northwest Complex Fields requires that the field(s) be prepared and lined the cost of the preparation and lining of the field and a $5.00 administrative fee shall to be charged.

    (3) Use of the overhead field lighting at the Northwest Complex ball fields shall require a lighting usage fee and the cost shall be paid by the person or group reserving the field(s).

    (d) If cancellation of an approved reservation is necessary, it is the permittee's responsibility to provide immediate written notification of such intent to cancel use.

    (e) Cancellations will only be accepted from the permittee (the person who signed the reservation application) and not from anyone else acting on behalf of the permittee.

    (f) In the event of a cancellation, refund of the reservation fee will be handled as follows:

    (1) If 30 days or more remain before the date for which the facility is reserved, 100% of the reservation will be refunded less a $5.00 administrative fee.

    (2) If fewer than 30 days but more than 14 days remain before the date for which the facility is reserved, 50% of the reservation fee will be refunded except where the amount to be refunded is less than the $5.00 administrative fee.

    (3) If less than 14 days cancellation notice is provided, the city will retain the entire reservation fee.

(Ord. No. 2006-48, § 1, 12-19-06; Ord. No. 2010-24, § 1, 10-19-10)