§ 16-246. Exemption from execution; non-assignability.  

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  • Except as provided by law, neither a member nor a beneficiary shall anticipate, assign or alienate (either at law or in equity) any benefit provided under the plan, and the trustees shall not recognize any such anticipation, assignment or alienation. Furthermore, a benefit under the plan is not subject to attachment, garnishment, levy, execution or other legal or equitable process; except the recipient of any monthly benefit may authorize the board of trustees to withhold from the monthly benefit those funds necessary to pay for the benefits being received from the city and/or for benefits being received by the retiree from the certified bargaining unit, and to make any payments for child support, alimony, and to pay for accident, health, and long-term care insurance premiums for the recipient, the recipient's spouse and the recipient's dependents. The Pension Fund shall not incur any liability for making or failing to make such withholdings.

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