§ 16-234. Finances and fund management.  

Effective on Friday, September 10, 2021
  • Establishment and operation of fund.

    (1) As part of the plan, there exists the fund, into which shall be deposited all of the contributions and assets whatsoever attributable to the plan, including the assets of the prior Lake Wales Municipal Police Officer's Pension Plan and Trust which are hereby retained in this fund.

    (2) The actual custody and supervision of the fund (and assets thereof) shall be vested in the board. Payment of benefits and disbursements from the fund shall be made by the disbursing agent designated by the board but only upon written authorization from the board.

    (3) All funds of the plan may be deposited by the board with the finance director of the city, acting in a ministerial capacity only, who shall be liable in the same manner and to the same extent as he or she is liable for the safekeeping of funds for the city. However, any funds so deposited with the finance director of the city shall be kept in a separate fund by the finance director or clearly identified as such funds of the plan. In lieu thereof, the board shall deposit the funds of the plan in a qualified public depository as defined in F.S. § 280.02, which depository with regard to such funds shall conform to and be bound by all of the provisions of F.S. ch. 280, as it may be amended from time to time. In order to fulfill its investment responsibilities as set forth herein, the board may retain the services of a custodian bank, an investment advisor registered under Investment Advisors Act of 1940 or otherwise exempt from such required registration, an insurance company, or a combination of these, for the purposes of investment decisions and management. Such investment manager shall have discretion, subject to any guidelines as prescribed by the board, in the investment of all fund assets.

    (4) All funds and securities of the plan may be commingled in the fund, provided that accurate records are maintained at all times reflecting the financial composition of the fund, including accurate current accounts and entries as regards the following:

    a. Current amounts of accumulated contributions of members on both an individual and aggregate account basis;

    b. Receipts and disbursements;

    c. Benefit payments;

    d. Current amounts clearly reflecting all monies, funds and assets whatsoever attributable to contributions and deposits from the city;

    e. All interest, dividends and gains (or losses) whatsoever; and

    f. Such other entries as may be properly required so as to reflect a clear and complete financial report of the fund.

    (5) An audit shall be performed annually by a certified public accountant chosen by the board for the most recent fiscal year of the city showing a detailed listing of assets and a statement of all income and disbursements during the year. Such income and disbursements must be reconciled with the assets at the beginning and end of the year. Such report shall reflect a complete evaluation of assets on both a cost and market basis, as well as other items normally included in a certified audit.

    (6) The board shall have the following investment powers and authority:

    a. The board shall be vested with full legal title to said fund, subject, however, in any event to the authority and power of the city commission to amend or terminate this fund, provided that no amendment or fund termination shall ever result in the use of any assets of this fund except for the payment of regular expenses and benefits under the plan, except as otherwise provided herein. All contributions from time to time paid into the fund, and the income thereof, without distinction between principal and income, shall be held and administered by the board or its agent in the fund and the board shall not be required to segregate or invest separately any portion of the fund.

    b. All monies paid into or held in the fund shall be invested and reinvested by the board and the investment of all or any part of such funds shall be limited to:

    1. Annuity and life insurance contracts with life insurance companies in amounts sufficient to provide, in whole or in part, the benefits to which all of the members in the fund shall be entitled under the provisions of this plan and pay the initial and subsequent premium thereon.

    2. Time or savings accounts of a national bank, a state bank or a savings/building and loan association insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

    3. Obligations of the United States or obligations guaranteed as to principal and interest by the government of the United States.

    4. Bonds, stocks, mutual funds, commingled funds administered by national or state banks, or evidences of indebtedness issued or guaranteed by a corporation organized under the laws of the United States, any state or organized territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, provided that the security of the corporation is traded on a nationally recognized exchange and holds a rating or ranking in one (1) of the four (4) highest classifications by a major rating or ranking service, and if such investments are made in a commingled fund administered by a state or national bank, then the rating or ranking of each issue in the commingled fund shall hold a rating or ranking within the top four (4) rating or ranking classifications of a major rating or ranking service.

    5. Foreign securities in an amount not to exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the assets of the fund at market value, as allowed under F.S. § 185.06.

    6. Such other investments as allowed by law.

    c. The board shall not invest more than five (5) percent of its assets in the common stock or capital stock of any one (1) issuing company, nor shall the aggregate investment in any one (1) issuing company exceed five (5) percent of the outstanding capital stock of that company; nor shall the aggregate of its investments in common stock, capital stock and convertible bonds at market exceed seventy (70) percent of the assets of the fund.

    d. The board may retain in cash and keep unproductive of income such amount of the fund as it may deem advisable, having regard for the cash requirements of the plan.

    e. The board may cause any investment in securities held by it to be registered in or transferred into its name as trustee or into the name of such nominee as it may direct, or it may retain them unregistered and in form permitting transferability, but the books and records shall at all times show that all investments are part of the fund.

    f. The board is empowered, but is not required, to vote upon any stocks, bonds, or securities of any corporation, association, or trust and to give general or specific proxies or powers of attorney with or without power of substitution; to participate in mergers, reorganizations, recapitalizations, consolidations, and similar transactions with respect to such securities; to deposit such stock or other securities in any voting trust or any protective or like committee with the trustees or with depositories designated thereby; to amortize or fail to amortize any part or all of the premium or discount resulting from the acquisition or disposition of assets; and generally to exercise any of the powers of an owner with respect to stocks, bonds, or other investments comprising the fund which it may deem to be in the best interest of the fund to exercise.

    g. The board shall not be required to make any inventory or appraisal or report to any court, nor to secure any order of court for the exercise of any power contained herein.

    h. Where any action which the board is required to take or any duty or function which it is required to perform either under the terms herein or under the general law applicable to it as trustee under this article, can reasonably be taken or performed only after receipt by it from a member, the city, or any other entity, of specific, information, certification, direction or instructions, the board shall be free of liability in failing to take such action or perform such duty or function until such information, certification, direction or instruction has been received by it.

    i. Any overpayment or underpayment from the fund to a member, retiree or beneficiary caused by errors of computation shall be adjusted with interest at a rate per annum approved by the board in such a manner that the actuarial equivalent of the benefit to which the member, retiree or beneficiary was correctly entitled to, shall be paid. Overpayment shall be charged against payments next succeeding the correction or collected in another manner if prudent. Underpayment shall be made up from the fund in a prudent manner.

    j. The board shall sustain no liability whatsoever for the sufficiency of the fund to meet the payments and benefits herein provided for.

    k. In any application to or proceeding or action in the courts, any judgment entered in such a proceeding or action shall be conclusive upon all persons.

    l. Any of the foregoing powers and functions reposed in the board may be performed or carried out by the board through duly authorized agents, provided that the board at all times maintains continuous supervision over the acts of any such agent; provided further, that legal title to said fund shall always remain in the board.

    (7) The board shall not have any obligation or responsibility with respect to any action required by the plan to be taken by the city or, any member, nor shall the board be required to collect any contribution required under the plan, or determine the correctness of the amount of any contribution. The board need not inquire into or be responsible for any action or failure to act on the part of the others.

    (8) The board and the city in no way guarantee the trust fund from loss or depreciation. The city does not guarantee the payment of any money which may be or becomes due to any person from the fund. The liability of the board to make any payment from the fund at any time and all times is limited to the then available assets of the fund.

    (9) The board shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of any investment manager or managers the board may appoint, nor shall the board be under any obligation to invest or otherwise manage any asset of the plan which is subject to the management of a properly appointed investment manager. The board and any properly appointed investment manager may execute a letter of agreement as a part of this plan delineating the duties, responsibilities and liabilities of the investment manager with respect to any part of the trust fund under the control of the investment manager.

    (10) At least once every three (3) years, the board shall retain an independent consultant professionally qualified to evaluate the performance of professional money managers. The independent consultant shall make recommendations to the board regarding the selection of money managers for the next investment term. These recommendations shall be considered by the board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The date, time, place, and subject of this meeting shall be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the hearings.

    (11) The board shall identify and publicly report any direct or indirect holdings it may have in any scrutinized company, as defined in Florida Statutes, Section 215.473, and proceed to sell, redeem, divest, or withdraw all publicly traded securities it may have in such company beginning January 1, 2010 and shall thereafter be prohibited from purchasing or holding such securities. The divestiture of any such security must be completed by September 30, 2010. In accordance with Ch. 2009-97, Laws of Florida, no person may bring any civil, criminal, or administrative action against the board or any employee, officer, director, or advisor of such board based upon the divestiture of any security pursuant to this paragraph.

(Ord. No. 98-19, § 2, 10-20-98; Ord. No. 2010-09, § 2, 5-4-10; Ord. No. 2021-22, § 1, 9-10-21)