§ 14-203.2. Unlawful activities.  

Effective on Tuesday, December 7, 2021
  • In the operation of a mobile car wash/auto detail business, it is unlawful for a principal, employee or agent of the business to:

    a) Engage in washing the exterior of a vehicle upon any public street or public right-of-way, or upon any vacant property or unimproved lot;

    b) Interfere with the ingress or egress of the abutting property owner or tenant or create or become a public nuisance under F.S. 823.01, increase traffic congestion or delay or constitute a hazard to traffic, life or property or an obstruction to adequate access to fire, police or sanitation vehicles.

    c) Engage in washing or cleaning a motor vehicle engine;

    d) Leave any location without first picking up, removing and disposing of all trash, materials or refuse remaining from mobile car wash/auto detail activities.

    e) Advertise that services are available at a specific location, or otherwise invite customers to come to a specific location to receive services provided by the business

    f) Erect or place advertising of the business at any location the business may operate, except to the extent required in order to comply with section § 14-206

    g) Operate at a fixed location, other than in compliance with section § 14-207

    h) Operate a mobile car wash/auto detail business to provide services at any location without the consent of the property owner or authorized tenant.

    i) Violate any provision of State law or of the Code of Ordinances pertaining to water conservation, stormwater system, or noise.

(Ord. No. 2021-14, § 1, 12-07-21)