§ 14-172. Location, size and structural restrictions.  

Effective on Tuesday, December 20, 2016
  • Donation bins shall:

    1.Not cause a visual obstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

    2.Not exceed 7.0 feet in height, 6.0 feet in width and 6.0 feet in depth.

    3.Maintain all applicable setbacks as set in the land development regulations, Chapter 23 of this code.

    4.Not cause safety hazards with regard to a designated fire lane or building exit.

    5.Not interfere with an access drive, off-street parking lot maneuvering area and/or required off-street parking space to an extent which would cause safety hazards and/or unnecessary inconvenience to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

    6.Be constructed of metal or other appropriate material as approved by the Director of Planning and Development Services or their designee, and shall further be maintained in good condition and appearance with no structural damage, holes or visible rust and shall be free of graffiti.

    7.Be constructed as to not be accessed by anyone other than those responsible for the retrieval of the contents.

    8.Name, website and phone number of operator must be on at least the front side of the bin.

    9.Donation bins shall be serviced and emptied as needed, but no less than once every seven (7) days.

    10.The donation bin operator shall maintain, or cause to be maintained, a 10 foot radius area surrounding the donation bin(s), free from any junk, debris or other material.

    11.The donation bin operator shall be responsible to the extent provided by law for the City’s cost to abate any unmitigated violation.

(Ord. No. 2016-22, § 1, 12-20-16)