§ 14-115. Administration.

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  • (a) Public notice. At the discretion of the city manager, public notice to property owners within two hundred (200) feet of the proposed location may be required. The decision to require public notice shall be made within five (5) days of receipt of the completed application. The application shall provide a certificate of mailing within five (5) days after notification of this requirement. Payment of notification costs will be the responsibility of the applicant.

    (b) Approval of permit. Upon finding that the application does sufficiently comply with those general standards set forth above, as conditioned as provided for herein, the city manager shall issue a special event permit, setting forth the duration of the period and specifying such conditions as to hours, location, parking, traffic access, and safety requirements and any other conditions as will protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and which will protect the adjoining properties from any adverse effects of the activity.

    (c) Denial of permit. Denial of the permit request shall be in writing and provided to the applicant within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of a completed application. Reasons for the denial shall be included.

    (d) Appeal. Any special event permit denial or approval may be appealed by the applicant or any persons entitled to take an appeal to the city commission. Upon filing of such an appeal, the permit shall be withheld until the city commission hears the appeal and renders a decision. The city commission shall have final authority to approve, conditionally approve, or deny the permit application.

    (e) Revocation of permit.

    (1) The city manager, upon finding that the terms of any permit are being violated, may revoke the permit and order the immediate cessation of event. The holder of the permit may appeal that revocation to the city commission and revocation shall be stayed pending the appeal.

    (2) Upon finding imminent and hazardous threats to public health and safety caused by any use covered by permit, the city manager may take reasonable steps to prevent public access thereto and to eliminate such hazard and may revoke or suspend a permit. An appeal of such action may be taken as provided above, but without a stay of the revocation or suspension. A permit may be reinstated provided that the applicant has met all conditions required by the city manager and city commission.

(Ord. No. 93-02, § 1, 5-4-93)