§ 14-113. Liability insurance.  

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  • Prior to issuance of a permit or license for any special event as set forth above, the city manager may require the applicant to file with the city clerk a certified insurance policy issued by a company authorized to do business in the state, against the liability of such applicant for a license hereunder for injuries to any one (1) person in the sum of not less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00). Such policy shall be in the generally accepted form for liability insurance used in the state and shall include an endorsement that the same cannot be canceled for any cause without notice of such cancellation being served upon the city clerk at least fifteen (15) days prior to such cancellation. Failure by any licensee hereunder to maintain such policy at all times shall be grounds for revocation of the permit and license.

(Ord. No. 93-02, § 1, 5-4-93)