§ 12-61. Exemptions.  

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  • The provisions of this division, except for those specified prohibitions set forth hereinabove, shall not apply to the following sounds:

    (1) The unamplified human voice;

    (2) Railway locomotives or cars;

    (3) Household or farming tools, appliances and equipment meeting manufacturer's specifications as to sound, if applicable;

    (4) Aircraft and airport activity conducted in accordance with federal laws and regulations;

    (5) Maintenance of public service facilities;

    (6) Law enforcement activities, including training;

    (7) Authorized target shooting;

    (8) Emergency signals during emergencies;

    (9) Emergency signal testing;

    (10) Motor vehicles operating on a public right-of-way subject to F.S. § 316.293;

    (11) Refuse collection and mosquito fogging;

    (12) Operation of any regulated utility;

    (13) Ordinary and customary construction activities exempt from or for which the City of Lake Wales has issued a development permit, provided such activity occurs between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.;

    (14) Organized athletic contests;

    (15) Sounds relating to and originating within any area zoned for commercial use;

    (16) Sounds relating to and originating within any area zoned for industrial use;

    (17) Sounds relating to and originating from legal, pre-existing, non-conforming commercial and industrial activities;

    (18) Boats and boating activities;

    (19) Emergency devises and vehicles used for the purpose of alerting persons of an emergency or the emission of sound in the performance of emergency work;

    (20) Lawful non-commercial public gatherings including, but not limited to, parades, festivals, and school functions;

    (21) Reasonable operation of equipment associated with the following activities between one-half (½) hour before sunrise and 10:00 p.m.:

    • Lawn care, soil cultivation;

    • Maintenance of trees, hedges and gardens, the use of lawn mowers, saws and tractors, tree trimming and limb clipping.

    These exemptions do not apply to the specific prohibitions set forth in section 12-60 above.

(Ord. No. 2002-08, 5-21-02)