§ 12-6. Notice to Abate a Nuisance  

Effective on Tuesday, June 21, 2016
  • a) It shall be the duty of any person receiving the notice of a public nuisance(s) as provided in this Chapter to comply with the provisions of the notice and to abate such nuisances(s) within ten(10) days after the receipt of such notice, and if such person shall fail or refuse to abate such nuisances(s) within ten (10) days from receipt of such notice within just cause, such failure is declared to be unlawful and shall constitute a misdemeanor. Each day such nuisances(s) persists shall constitute a separate violation.

    b) It is unlawful and shall constitute a misdemeanor for any person, after having received notice as provided in this chapter, to remove any nuisances(s) from any property to any other property upon which storage is not permitted.

    c) If the nuisance is not abated within the time provided, and after notice has been given in accordance with F.S. 162, the city may abate the nuisance, and the cost of abatement may be charged to the owner of the nuisance or assessed against the land upon which the nuisance exists or both.

(Ord. No. 2016-08, § 1, 06-21-16)