§ 12-219. Alternative collection of abatement and violation correction special assessment liens.

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  • (a) At the city manager's option, a resolution may be prepared for consideration by the city commission identifying outstanding special assessments owed to the city for municipal abatement of nuisances and municipal correction of violations of the minimum property maintenance standards of the city, including municipal demolition of one (1) or more structures, and seeking authorization to collect such special assessments as non-ad valorem property tax pursuant to F.S. ch. 197. The proposed resolution shall designate the name and address of the owner, a description of the lots or land and the charges to be assessed against such lots or land for abatement or corrective activity. If prepared, the resolution shall be presented to the city commission by the code official and, upon approval of the resolution by the city commission, outstanding charges shall be assessed against the property and shall be and remain a lien against such property prior to all other liens or interests, save and except taxes, and shall bear interest at the rate of eight (8) percent per annum from the date the resolution is approved by the city commission.

    (b) Before adoption of the resolution specified in paragraph (a), the city commission shall cause to be published a notice directed to the owner(s) of the subject property, designating a time and place where complaints will be heard with reference to the proposed assessment and when such assessment will be finally approved and confirmed by the city commission. A copy of such notice shall be served upon the property owner(s) by first class U.S. Mail at the owner's last known address as same appears on the records of the property appraiser of the county. The failure to mail such notice or notices shall not invalidate any of the proceedings under this article.

    (c) At the time and place designated in the notice provided in paragraph (b), the city commission shall meet as an equalizing board to hear and consider any and all complaints as to such assessment and shall adjust and equalize the assessment, and when so equalized and approved and the resolution specified in paragraph (a) adopted, such assessment shall stand confirmed and be and remain a legal, valid and binding lien upon the property against which such assessment is made until paid.

    (d) To the extent not inconsistent with general or special law, special assessment liens created and perfected pursuant to the provisions set forth herein and unrecorded at the time of the filing for record of a notice of lis pendens against the subject property shall nonetheless be enforceable against the subject property and shall have the priority specified herein if the city's interest or lien did not arise until after the filing for record of such notice of lis pendens.

    (e) Only special assessments which may become a lien against homestead as permitted by Section 4, Art. X of the State Constitution may be collected using the alternative method described herein, if the property in question is entitled to homestead protection.

(Ord. No. 2012-17, § 8, 9-18-12)