§ 12-217. Appeals.  

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  • (a) Notice of violation. Any owner aggrieved by the findings and order of the code enforcement officer as set forth in section 12-211 shall have the right to appeal said decision prior to the expiration of the time within which such owner was given to correct the nuisance. Any appeal taken pursuant to this section must be requested in writing and received by the city clerk at 201 W. Central Avenue. The enforcement officer will place the appeal on the agenda of the next scheduled regular code enforcement board hearing.

    (b) Final administrative order. An aggrieved party, including the city, may appeal a final administrative order of the code enforcement board to the circuit court. Such appeal shall not be a hearing de novo but shall be limited to appellate review of the record created before the board. An appeal shall be filed within thirty (30) days of the execution of the order to be appealed.

(Ord. No. 2011-24, § 4, 10-4-11)