§ 10.5-6. Initial proceedings.  

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  • The initial proceeding for the imposition of a fire protection assessment shall be the adoption of an initial assessment resolution by the city commission:

    (1) Containing a brief and general description of the fire protection services, facilities, or programs to be provided;

    (2) Determining the fire protection assessed cost to be assessed;

    (3) Describing the method of apportioning the fire protection assessed cost and the computation of the fire protection assessment for specific properties;

    (4) Establishing an estimated assessment rate for the upcoming fiscal year;

    (5) Establishing a maximum assessment rate, if desired by the city commission; and

    (6) Directing the city manager to:

    a. Prepare the initial assessment roll, as required by section 10.5-7

    b. Publish the notice required by section 10.5-8; and

    c. Mail the notice required by section 10.5-9 using information then available from the tax roll.

(Ord. No. 2008-26, § 1, 8-4-08)