§ 10-2. Fire safety appeals board.  

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  • Appeals of administrative fire code decisions or conflicts between a building code requirement and a minimum fire safety code requirement shall be resolved by the decision of the fire and building code administration board as authorized by the Florida Building Code F.S. § 553.79(9), and established by section 2-187, Lake Wales Code of Ordinances. In making its decision, this board shall consider the requirements of all codes and state statutes and shall make its decision based on the greatest degree of life safety.

(Ord. No. 88-1, § 1(2), 2-2-88; Ord. No. 2003-18, § 3, 7-1-03)

Cross reference

Boards, committees, commissions generally, § 2-26 et seq.; attendance and residency requirements for membership of city boards, § 2-26.

State law reference

Resolution of conflicting provisions, F.S. § 553.73(10)(a); appeals board, F.S. § 553.73(10)(b).