§ 1-2. Definitions and rules of construction.  

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  • In the construction of this Code, and of all ordinances, the following rules shall be observed, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

    Charter. The word "Charter" shall mean the Charter of the City of Lake Wales as printed in Part I of this volume.

    City. The word "city" shall be construed as if the words "of Lake Wales" followed it.

    City commission. Whenever the words "commission" or "city commission" are used, they shall be construed to mean the City Commission of the City of Lake Wales.

    Code. The word "Code" shall mean the Code of Ordinances of the City of Lake Wales, Florida, as designated in section 1-1.

    Computation of time. Whenever a notice is required to be given or an act to be done a certain length of time before any proceeding shall be had, the day on which such notice is given or such act is done shall not be counted in computing the time, but the day on which such proceeding is to be had shall be counted unless it is a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday in which event the period shall run until the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.

    County. The word "county" shall mean the County of Polk.

    F.S. The abbreviation "F.S." shall mean the latest edition or supplement of the Florida Statutes.

    Gender. A word importing the masculine gender only shall extend and be applied to females and to firms, partnerships and corporations as well as to males.

(Code 1962, § 1-2)

State law reference

Similar provisions, F.S. § 1.01(2).

Interpretation. In the interpretation and application of any provision of this Code, it shall be held to be the minimum requirements adopted for the promotion of the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare. Where any provision of the Code imposes greater restrictions upon the subject matter than the general provisions imposed by the Code, the provision imposing the greater restriction or regulation shall be deemed to be controlling.

Joint authority. All words giving a joint authority to three (3) or more persons or officers shall be construed as giving such authority to the majority of such persons or officers.

Keeper and proprietor. The words "keeper" and "proprietor" shall mean and include persons, firms, associations, corporations, clubs and copartnerships, whether acting by themselves or a servant, agent or employee.

Month. The word "month" shall mean a calendar month.

Nontechnical and technical words. Words and phrases shall be construed according to the common and approved usage of the language; but technical words and phrases and such others as may have acquired a peculiar and appropriate meaning in law shall be construed and understood according to such meaning.

Number. A word importing the singular number only may extend and be applied to several persons and things as well as to one (1) person and thing.

Officers, departments, boards, commissions, etc. Whenever the title of an officer, department, board, commission or other agency is given, it shall be construed as though the words "of the City of Lake Wales, Florida," were added.

Or, and. "Or" may be read "and," and "and" may be read "or" if the sense requires it.

Oath. The word "oath" shall be construed to include an affirmation in all cases in which by law an affirmation may be substituted for an oath, and in such cases the words "swear" and "sworn" shall be equivalent to the words "affirm" and "affirmed."

Similar provisions, F.S. § 1.01(5).

owner. The word "owner," applied to a building or land, shall include any part owner, joint owner, tenant in common, tenant in partnership, joint tenant, or tenant by the entirety of the whole or of a part of such building or land.

Person. The word "person" shall extend and be applied to associations, clubs, societies, firms, partnerships and bodies politic and corporate as well as to individuals.

Personal property. The words "personal property" include every species of property except real property as herein defined.

Preceding, following. The words "preceding" and "following" mean next before and next after, respectively.

Property. The word "property" shall include real and personal property.

Public place. The term "public place" shall mean any park, cemetery, school yard or open space adjacent thereto, all beaches, canals or other waterways and any city-owned property.

Real property shall include lands, tenements and hereditaments.

Sidewalk. The word "sidewalk" shall mean any portion of a street between the curbline and the adjacent property line intended for the use of pedestrians, excluding parkways.

Signature or subscription includes a mark when the person cannot write.

State. The word "state" shall be construed to mean the State of Florida.

Street. The word "street" shall be construed to embrace streets, avenues, boulevards, roads, alleys, lanes, viaducts and all other public highways in the city.

Tenant. The word "tenant" or "occupant," applied to a building or land, shall include any person holding a written or oral lease of, or who occupies, the whole or a part of such buildings or land, either alone or with others.

Tense. Words used in the past or present tense include the future as well as the past and present.

Week. The word "week" shall be construed to mean seven (7) days.

Written or in writing shall be construed to include any representation of words, letters or figures, whether by printing or otherwise.

Year. The word "year" shall mean a calendar year.

State law definitions, F.S. § 1.01.