§ 3-30. Airport tenants.  

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  • The city may lease hangars, pasture lands and other airport property not included in a fixed base operator's leased use area to individuals, firms or corporations which will not be providing any of the services described in categories A through G of section 3-28. Said tenants shall be subject to the following:

    (1) Any prospective tenant of airport property other than a t-hangar must submit to the city a written application. This application shall contain the following:

    a. A specific description of the area the applicant desires to lease;

    b. A detailed description of the nature of the use;

    c. Detailed plans of the improvements, if any, the applicant desires to place upon the leased property. In this regard, any prospective airport tenant desiring to lease property for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a private hangar shall submit plans for the hangar to the city for approval.

    (2) In no event shall an airport tenant engage in any of the activities of fixed base operators described in section 3-28. Prior to engaging in any activity of a commercial nature, the tenant must comply with the provisions of section 3-32

    (3) All airport tenants shall be required to execute a written lease which shall be filed by the city clerk in the official records of the city.

    (4) The airport tenant shall save, hold harmless, and indemnify the city from and against any damages or loss occasioned by its use of the leased premises.

    (5) The airport tenant shall comply with all rules and regulations on maintenance, appearance, traffic control and motor vehicle parking as promulgated by the city.

    (6) The airport tenant shall not add to, alter or modify the leased premises without the written consent of the city.

    (7) The airport tenant shall not store hazardous materials (including fuel and combustible agents) in the leased premises. Hazardous materials shall include all such materials as defined by the city and the city's fire marshal.

    (8) The city, or the city's agent, shall have reasonable access to the leased premises for the purpose of inspection, emergency or safety reasons, and for service requested by the tenant. Said access shall not require prior notice to the tenant.

    (9) Any lease or rental payments due from airport tenants shall be subject to the same review and reevaluation required in section 3-27(f).

    (10) The right to use the leased premises is not an assignable right, and no airport tenant shall rent or sublease any part of the premises without the written consent of the city.

(Code 1962, § 2½-7; Ord. No. 96-02, § 2, 3-5-96)