§ 23-521. Accessory uses, residential properties.  

Effective on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
  • Accessory uses allowed in conjunction with residential properties are those activities which are ordinarily conducted in a house or its yard and include, but are not limited to those listed in Table 23-521. Residential properties are those used primarily as dwellings.

    TABLE 23-521

    Garaging and parking of vehicles, trailers, recreational and noncommercial vehicles, and boats.

    Note: Parking of commercial vehicles in residential districts and on residential properties is prohibited unless specifically approved as a special exception use by the board of appeals in accordance with section 20-12, Lake Wales Code of Ordinances.
    Recreational vehicles, boats or trailers shall not be parked in the front yard except for a period not to exceed 24-hours for loading, unloading, and cleaning; unregistered or inoperable vehicles or trailers shall not be stored at residential properties, except a single such vehicle if it is stored in a garage or carport; no vehicle shall be parked on the lawn or other non-paved area in a front or side yard. (See subsection 23-306.1.)
    Storing items used in the upkeep of the building and grounds, including the temporary storage of refuse for collection. These items must not be stored outside, except that trash cans may be stored outside provided they are not permanently stored in a front yard or public right-or-way.
    Keeping pets Resident must comply with all provisions of Chapter 6, Lake Wales Code or Ordinances regulating the keeping of animals, fowl etc. within the city limits.
    Accessory unit (apartment or guesthouse) at single-family residence

    Special exception use permit required for the addition of an accessory unit. Living floor area of accessory unit shall be a minimum of 450 square feet and shall not exceed 50% of the living floor area of the principal dwelling.

    Operating a bed and breakfast establishment Allowed in specified districts with a special exception use permit and compliance with special regulations in section 23-345
    Operating a family day care home (as defined by F.S. § 402.302) Resident must comply with special conditions for day care homes (section 23-347) and all applicable provisions of F.S. ch. 402.
    Conducting a home occupation Certificate of Use pursuant to section 23-212 is required. Compliance with section 23-348, conditional use regulations for home occupations, is required.
    Conducting a yard sale Resident must comply with provisions of section 23-355



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